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Kick-off Meeting Amsterdam 21-22 January, 2010

Thursday 21 January

8.30-9.00  Coffee and reception
9.00-9.30   Introduction and meeting goals by Frans Berkhout and Wolfram Schrimpf
9.30-10.00   European Policy System presented by Carlo Lavalle
10.00-12.00   Discussion of WP 2 (Scoping) and WP9 (Synthesis);
short presentations by Tim Rayner, Frans Berkhout

12.00-13.00  Lunch

13.00-17.00   Break-out sessions in two groups:
- WP 3 (Scenarios), WP7 (Health) and WP8 (Energy), facilitated by Frans Berkhout
- WP 4 (Water), WP5 (Biodiversity), and WP6 (Infrastructure), facilitated by Tony Patt

17.00-18.00   Drinks

18.00-21.00  Joint dinner

Friday 22 January

9.00-12.00  Short feedback from two break-out groups; and plenary discussion on Research Protocol and tasks facilitated by Joachim Schleich

12.00-13.00   Lunch

13.00-15.00  Discussion on Integrative Activities and Output (milestones, deliverables, joint publications) facilitated by Frans Berkhout
15.00-16.00   WP1: Planning, logistics, and next meetings Laurens Bouwer

16.00   Closure

Name Organisation
Frans Berkhout IVM
Laurens Bouwer IVM
Jan Vermaat IVM
Dave Huitema IVM
Constanze Haug IVM
Stijn Brouwer IVM
Luke Brander IVM
Fritz Hellmann IVM
Merijn Sligting IVM
Corry Zoll IVM
Tim Rayne UEA
Paul Hunter UEA
Affendi Isa UEA
Joanne Bayer IIASA
Susanne Hanger IIASA
Stefan Pfenninger IIASA
Anthony Patt IIASA
Reinhard Mechler IIASA
Detlef van Vuuren PBL
Jelle van Minnen PBL
Rob Alkemade PBL
Andries Hof PBL
Joachim Schleich ISI
Karoline Rogge ISI
Anne Held ISI
Kristin Reichardt ISI
Benjamin Pfluger ISI
Carlo Lavalle JRC
Mar Cabeza CSIC
Liu Yang CAS-IPM
Isabelle Richaud TERI
Pradeep Kumar Dadhich TERI
Wolfram Schrimpf European Commission