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Project Reports
  • D2.1     Draft Methods Paper
  • D2.2     Research protocol pdf
  • D3.1a   Country report on mitigation and adaptation in India pdf
  • D3.1b   Country report on mitigation and adaptation in China pdf
  • D3.2   Deep greenhouse gas emission reductions: a global bottom-up model approach pdf
  • D3.3   Low emission scenarios and 2020 reduction pledges pdf
  • D3.4   Adaptation costs and residual damages from sea-level rise: A comparison between Integrated Assessment Models and a detailed coastal model pdf
  • D3.5   Scenario Report 2: Workshop report 'The feasibility of transitions in 2 degree scenarios' pdf
  • D4.1     Scoping study of current policies and institutions (EU/national/regional) for water management pdf
  • D4.2     Impact analysis of climate change on drought/flood risk, and relevant non-climate policies and their implementation, and consequences for agriculture and ecosystems pdf
  • D4.3     Report on integrated options for reducing risk/vulnerability (adaptation) that take account of mitigation pdf
  • D4.5     Assessment of the costs, risks and benefits of selected integrated policy options to adapt to flood and drought in the water and agricultural sectors of the Warta River Basin. pdf
  • D.5.1     Review report on present EU biodiversity policy pdf
  • D5.2     A matrix of biodiversity indicators pdf
  • D5.3     Cross-sectoral review of adaptation and mitigation policy measures with high biodiversity conservation potential pdf
  • D5.3A     Integrated Activity Report: Joint impacts of climate change and bioenergy production on the state and conservation of European birds pdf
  • D5.4     EU Biodiversity in times of climate change pdf
  • D5.5     Report on climate change impact on biodiversity and conservation challenges pdf
  • D5.5A   Climate change mainstreaming in allocating EU biodiversity funds: matches and mismatches between biodiversity conservation needs and current funding patterns pdf
  • D6.1     Catalogue of programmes and policies related to regional development and infrastructure ('Baseline assessment') pdf
  • D6.2     Digital map of investments in the EU pdf
  • D6.3     Report on potential impacts of climate change on regional development and infrastructure pdf
  • D7.1     Scoping document on Health pdf
  • D7.2     Assessment report and modelling results on Health pdf
  • D7.3     Adaptation strategies report on health pdf
  • D7.4     Climate change adaptation in the health sector pdf
  • D7.5     Report on adaptation measures in health services and cost estimation pdf
  • D8.1     Report including literature review on impact of global warming on supply and demand of energy in the EU pdf
  • D8.2     Results of modelling for existing policies (frozen intensity) pdf
  • D8.3     Effects of the policy mix on the development, demonstration and diffusion of low-carbon power generation technologies. Results of qualitative research - in depth interviews pdf
  • D8.4     With or Without CCS? Decarbonising the EU Power Sector pdf
  • D9.1     Assessment of alternative deep emissions reductions in Europe pdf
  • D9.2     Review of climate mainstreaming in current EU policies and strategies pdf
  • D9.4     Guidance on a Strategic Climate Assessment Approach pdf
  • D9.5     Guidance on the costs, benefits, and tradeoffs in integrated climate action pdf
  • All publications are available on request, please send an e-mail to responses@ivm.vu.nl

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