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Partners ISI
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
Karlsruhe, Germany

Joachim Schleich
Joachim Schleich works as an economist at Fraunhofer ISI as head of the Energy & Climate Policy department. He is associated to the Virginia technical University as adjunct professor. As the leader of the Energy work-package in RESPONSES he analyses the constitution of the power sector to mitigation, and assesses the innovation effects of key EU climate policies on key mitigation technologies.

"I expect policy relevant insights in the EU-policy impact on innovation in renewables and to learn about adaptation and mitigation effects and policies from other case studies."

Anne Held
Anne Held is a researcher at Fraunhofer ISI, dealing in particular with the diffusion of renewable energy technologies on EU-level. For RESPONSES she works on the modeling of the electricity sector in light of climate change scenarios, emphasizing in particular on the role of renewable energy technologies.

"I expect the RESPONSES project to provide an integrated overview of adaptation and mitigation issues regarding climate change among the relevant sectors."

Kristin Reichardt
Kristin Reichardt's focus is on innovation effects of energy and climate policy in the EU power sector. In RESPONSES she looks, within the Energy work-package, at how the development, adaptation and diffusion of low carbon energy technologies are impacted by existing EU energy and climate policies.

"I expect the project to provide thorough insights not only in the interplay of a range of different policy measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change, but also in their impact on innovation processes within the energy sector."

Karoline Rogge
Karoline Rogge works in the Energy and Climate Policy team at Fraunhofer ISI, studying innovation impacts of climate policy instruments. She is just finalizing her PhD on the innovation impact of the EU ETS at the ETH Zurich. For RESPONSES she conducts company case studies within the Energy work-package to investigate the role of existing EU climate and renewables policies on the development and diffusion of low- and zero carbon power generation technologies.

"I expect to identify whether and how current policies need to be supplemented for triggering innovation in line with the 2?C target and, in doing so, to integrate insights from the other RESPONSES sectors."

Benjamin Pfluger
Benjamin Pfluger works as a researcher at Fraunhofer ISI. His research currently focuses on modeling European electricity markets in the face of a high penetration of renewable energies.

"My main interest in RESPONSES is the holistic multi-sectoral approach leading to detailed policy recommendations that are both technically and politically feasible."