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Partners IIASA
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Laxenburg, Austria

Joanne Bayer
Joanne Bayer leads the Risk and Vulnerability program at IIASA. Her interests include research on climate adaptation in the developing world, with a main focus on risk sharing and transfer programs. In RESPONSES she leads the Water and Agriculture work-package.

"A main challenge for me will be to translate the results (where possible) to the poor in developing countries."

Jan Sendzimir
Jan Sendzimir leads the Water and Resilience research group at IIASA, working as a systems ecologist on participatory modelling of interactions between the ecological, social, and economic domains of social-ecological systems. Within RESPONSES he co-leads WP 4 with Joanne Bayer, focusing on systems modelling and analysis of the factors and processes influencing adaptation and mitigation of climate change in water and agriculture in support policy formulation.

"I hope to identify systems structures (feedbacks, delays, and webs of causal relations) that represent leverage points for policy interventions."

Anthony Patt
Anthony Patt is leader of the Decisions and Governance research group at IIASA, conducting interdisciplinary climate and energy policy analyses. In RESPONSES he participates in case studies on water and agriculture, regional development, infrastructure and energy, as well as in the scoping and synthesis of the project.

"I hope to identify and appraise concrete policy options for Europe to unilaterally eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions."

Reinhard Mechler
Reinhard Mechler leads the Disasters and Develoment group in the Risk and Vulnerability program at IIASA. He has a background in the economics of risk management and adaptation. For RESPONSES he works on risk modeling of drought and flood risks.

"My aim is to identify concrete adaptation and mitigation options better and assess them in a more integrated model framework."

Stefan Pfenninger
Stefan Pfenninger's interests are environmental science, climate change and energy policy, and international development. For RESPONSES he will contribute work on the impacts of climate change on supply and demand of energy.

"I would like to contribute to science with practical relevance to solve the climate problem."

Susanne Hanger
Susanne Hanger is a research assistant at IIASA's Risk and Vulnerability Program. For RESPONSES she works on the regional development and infrastructure case study and contributes to the project scoping and synthesis.

"I hope for reliable, successful communication with policy makers on different levels and applicable project results."