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IVM - Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frans Berkhout
Frans Berkhout is Professor of Innovation and Sustainability and Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies at the VU University Amsterdam. He has a Geography BSc (Leeds, 1983) and a PhD in Science and Technology Policy Studies (Sussex, 1989). His research has covered economic and policy issues related to energy, industry and environment, with a recent focus on large-scale systems innovation and climate policy. He was a lead author in the 2007 Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC. Frans is the coordinator of the RESPONSES project

Laurens Bouwer
Laurens Bouwer is a physical geographer working on impacts of climate change and risk management.

"The RESPONSES project provides a great opportunity to work with a small and dedicated team, and to come up with at least a few innovative possibilities for reducing emissions and risks, that take account of cross-sector issues"

Dave Huitema
Dave Huitema is a policy scientist with an interest in adaptive water governance. In RESPONSES he is involved in the scoping, synthesis and water & agriculture work-packages.

"I hope to learn more about how European policies affect climate change adaptation around Europe."

Jan Vermaat
Jan Vermaat is an aquatic and landscape ecologist with an interest in scenario articulation.

"I hope to learn from the cross-disciplinary interactions and the policy scope in RESPONSES."

Constanze Haug
Constanze Haug works with climate law and policy and innovative methods for policy appraisal. In the RESPONSES project she is involved in scoping and methodology as well in research on 'climate-proofing' EU cohesion funding.

"Many large-scale infrastructure projects in Europe are potentially vulnerable to climate change; RESPONSES should help devise policy options for mainstreaming climate change concerns in this sector."

Stijn Brouwer
Besides projects on salinization and the management of the complexity and dynamics of the (adaptive) water agenda, Stijn Brouwer works on a PhD on the strategies of policy entrepreneurs in Dutch water management. In RESPONSES he works on the work-package Water, and will focus in particular on the assessment of EU directives with respect to how they contribute to or constrain climate-change mitigation and adaptation.

"In the project I hope to broaden my research scope from the national level to the European level, as well as to learn, and to enjoy a fruitful cooperation with our partners."

Onno Kuik
Onno Kuik is an environmental economist at IVM. His research interests include climate-energy-economic modeling and the assessment of the economic value of environmental policy and adaptation to climate change. In RESPONSES he assists in the economic assessment of adaptation and mitigation options.

Fritz Hellmann
Fritz Hellmann is a spatial ecologist who works on issues relating to water (quality), land use (change), and biodiversity. In RESPONSES he works on the biodiversity work package.

"Many European ecosystems are vulnerable to climate change; I hope RESPONSES can develop adequate indicators to help monitor this"

Merijn Sligting
Merijn Sligting works in the support staff at IVM. She will do the administration for RESPONSES.

"I look forward to a nice cooperation with the partners and I am excited to learn more about climate change and the possibility to change things by means of political measures."

Marloes van Putten
Marloes van Putten is currently a master student in Earth Sciences and Economics. For the RESPONSES project she is the student assistant for the IVM. She is particularly interested in the results about adapting to climate change.

" I hope to learn more about the multiple aspects of climate change" .