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Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving
Bilthoven, Netherlands

Detlef P. van Vuuren
Detlef van Vuuren works on integrated assessment of global environmental change and has acted as (coordinating) lead author in publications of IPCC, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and UNEP's Global Environmental Outlook. In RESPONSES, he coordinates the Scenario work-package.

"I hope RESPONSES will allow for an integration of knowledge among the different disciplines, institutes and work-packages in order to better understand the relationships between climate change, mitigation and adaptation"

Jelle van Minnen
Jelle van Minnen has a long experience in the field of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation at global, European and national scales. In RESPONSES he contributes to the Biodiversity work-package, especially assessing impacts and defining adaptation options.

"I hope that we will be able to define concrete options and policies, useful for the European Commission and member states."

Andries Hof
Andries Hof is a climate economist at the Netherlands Environmental Research Institute (PBL). In RESPONSES he works on the Scenarios work-package, mainly at improving physical impact estimates and relating these to monetary estimates.

"I would like to achieve a better representation of impacts of and adaptation to climate change in integrated assessment models and uncertainty analyses."

Rob Alkemade
Rob Alkemade works on global biodiversity modelling at PBL. In RESPONSES he works in the Biodiversity work-package on reviewing policy options that benefit biodiversity and evaluate them in scenario analyses.

"I hope to learn which policy scenarios for mitigation of and adaptation to climate change are most beneficial for the biodiversity in Europe."

Sebastiaan Deetman
Sebastiaan Deetman is currently working as a researcher at the PBL. His background is Industrial Ecology at the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands. His specialties are life cycle assessment, modeling of global energy system, climate change and air pollution, atmospheric chemistry and analysis of bio-energy production and conversion. For RESPONSES he is working on the scenario work-package.