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Tim Rayner
Tim Rayner is a senior research associate at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at UEA. In RESPONSES he leads the Synthesis work-package and is involved in the project scoping.

"I look forward to learning how the current rhetoric on climate policy integration and 'mainstreaming' in the EU will be put into practice, and how far research and new appraisal frameworks can inform this process."

Paul Hunter
Paul Hunter works as a medical practitioner with a specialism in microbiology and epidemiology. His main interest is the impact of the environment on health and especially on the emerging of infectious diseases. He is the leader of the Health work-package in RESPONSES.

Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan is Professor of Environmental Politics in the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA. He is particularly interested in the governance of environmental problems in different political contexts, but especially the European Union. Within RESPONSES he is involved in supporting the scoping and the synthesis work packages.

"I am keen to understand how far it is possible to simultaneously and successfully mitigate climate change and adapt to its unfolding consequences"

Affendi Isa
Affendi Isa is currently pursuing his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Paul Hunter. His study focuses on the impact of health promotion on health literacy, self-efficacy and human behavior in relation to control vector-borne disease, specifically in Dengue fever. "Hopefully this project will enhance my study opportunity and broaden my worldview on the impact of the environment and climate change on human health."

Irene Lorenzoni
Irene's research focus on understandings of, and engagement with, climate change and energy. As part of the UEA team, she is involved in the scoping , methodology and final synthesis stages of RESPONSES, which would - at its conclusion - provide useful insights into elements that may constrain or facilitate European climate change policies, with some indication about the possibility of integrating adaptation and mitigation considerations into existing sectoral policies.

Maha Bouzid
Maha Bouzid is a research associate at UEA. Her research is currently focused on the effect of climate change on public health. She has a PhD in molecular microbiology with a broad interest in emerging infectious diseases. "Joining RESPONSES allowed me to broaden my research interests. I am really keen to see how the interactions between the different sectors, organised as work packages, would contribute to a better understanding of the impact of climate change and influence mitigation and adaptation policies".