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Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki

Mar Cabeza
Mar Cabeza is a researcher at the Biodiversity & Global Change Lab at CSIC, specialized on conservation planning and global change impact assessment. She leads the Biodiversity work-package in RESPONSES.

"I expect interesting interactions with the other sector-workpackages, that will lead to a better understanding of potential synergies, opportunities, and trade-offs in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies."

Astrid van Teeffelen
Astrid van Teeffelen works as postdoctoral researcher on biodiversity conservation strategies in landscapes, subject to land use change and climate change. She is currently involved in several projects related to climate change adaptation strategies for biodiversity as well as conservation policy research. For RESPONSES, she participates in the Biodiversity work-package.

Laura Meller
Laura Meller is a research assistant at Metapopulation Research Group, University of Helsinki. Her work is focused on biodiversity conservation strategies in a world of uncertainties. "Understanding the links between policies in different sectors, climate and biodiversity is important and an interesting task. I hope RESPONSES can identify strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation which can simultaneously help EU in safeguarding